Liyan Ren

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Apelin is an endogenous ligand of G protein-coupled receptor-apelin and angiotensin-1-like receptor (APJ). The biological effects of apelin-APJ system are reported in multiple systems including cardiovascular, endocrinal, and gastrointestinal system. Previous studies had shown that apelin-13 is a potential protective agent on cardiac ischemia; however, the(More)
Major depression is becoming one of the most prevalent forms of psychiatric disorders. However, the mechanisms of major depression are still not well-understood. Most antidepressants are only effective in some patients and produce some serious side effects. Animal models of depression are therefore essential to unravel the mechanisms of depression and to(More)
Odorant binding proteins (OBPs) are believed to be important for transporting semiochemicals through the aqueous sensillar lymph to the olfactory receptor cells within the insect antennal sensilla. In this study, three new putative OBP genes, MmedOBP8-10, were identified from a Microplitis mediator (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) antennal cDNA library.(More)
Three-dimensional geological and mining modelling in mining area is important for mine enterprises more productive, efficient, safe mining. Based on the available data such as cross-sections, drill-holes and geological maps, we developed to process geological information for building 3D model in this paper. Thus, special attention has been given to data(More)
Based on Landsat TM images in 1990, 2000 and 2005, this paper studied the characteristics of wetland changes in Hangzhou Bay in Zhejiang province using remote sensing and GIS technologies. The results show that: (1) the wetland area decreased 1893 km² in Hangzhou Bay in Zhejiang province from 1990 to 2005, and it decreased obviously faster after(More)
Based on remote sensing images and urban planning data, this paper analyzed the planned conversion of wetlands to urban construction lands from 2005 to 2020 and the potential risk to wetlands using GIS spatial model. The results indicate that: (1) There are many wetlands resources in Hangzhou, most of which are paddy fields with construction land patches(More)
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