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As the key nodes of passengers' transportation system, transfer efficiency of urban transportation terminal is very important. In order to solve the problems of applying traditional data envelopment analysis (DEA) models in the efficiency evaluation of urban transportation terminal, the two-stage DEA method (TDEA) is introduced in this paper. The index(More)
Advances in mobility are clearly illustrated by the rapid development of urbanization and motorization in developing countries. Following the dramatic incensement of traffic demand, the parking problem has been becoming much more seriously important in many metropolises. With the aim of seeking solutions as to how the parking system could operate more(More)
This paper applies method of continuous-time random walks for pedestrian flow simulation. In the model, pedestrians can walk forward or backward and turn left or right if there is no block. Velocities of pedestrian flow moving forward or diffusing are dominated by coefficients. The waiting time preceding each jump is assumed to follow an exponential(More)
Due to the poor transfer organization in urban public transport terminal, pedestrian crowd are often forced to weaving in their transfer flow lines. Frequent weaving behaviors not only decrease passengers’ transfer comfort, but may also trigger serious crowd disaster such as trampling. In order to get accurate understanding of the weaving features of(More)
VP39 is the major capsid protein of Heliothis armigera nucleopolyhedrovirus (HaSNPV), and it might have induced the aggregation of host cellular actin in vitro in our previous study. We demonstrated here that VP39 could interact with host actin in vivo in Helicoverpazea (Hz-AM1 cells) through coimmunoprecipitation assay. With confocal immunofluorescence(More)
Service capability and matching degree of transfer facilities are directly related to the operational efficiency and safety of a subway station. Owing to differences in planning and construction, the transfer subway stations in developing countries have some defects in facility size and serviceability, which cause a decline in service performance, operation(More)
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The brake disk modal characteristic of disk brake is an important factor for braking stability of the whole system. In order to reduce the judder and noise in braking process, the ANSYS software was applied to conduct the modal simulation analysis of brake disk, and a multi-purpose experimental bench was built for modal test of brake disk. The results(More)
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