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This paper presents a new deformable model using both population-based and patient-specific shape statistics to segment lung fields from serial chest radiographs. There are two novelties in the proposed deformable model. First, a modified scale invariant feature transform (SIFT) local descriptor, which is more distinctive than the general intensity and(More)
This paper presents a novel image similarity measure, referred to as quantitative–qualitative measure of mutual information (Q-MI), for multimodality image registration. Conventional information measures, e.g., Shannon’s entropy and mutual information (MI), reflect quantitative aspects of information because they only consider probabilities of events. In(More)
Groupwise registration has recently been proposed for simultaneous and consistent registration of all images in a group. Since many deformation parameters need to be optimized for each image under registration, the number of images that can be effectively handled by conventional groupwise registration methods is limited. Moreover, the robustness of(More)
To overcome the problem that the histogram equalization can fail for discrete images, a local-mean based strict pixel ordering method has been proposed recently, although it is unpractical for 3D medical image enhancement due to its complex computation. In this paper, a novel histogram mapping method is proposed. It uses a fast local feature generation(More)
Group-wise registration has been proposed recently for consistent registration of all images in the same dataset. Since all images need to be registered simultaneously with lots of deformation parameters to be optimized, the number of images that the current group-wise registration methods can handle is limited due to the capability of CPU and physical(More)
Computing the velocity field, or motion estimation is one of the most important issues in computer vision. And it is widely used in the areas of navigation, visual surveillance, video database, etc. . This problem has received a great deal of attentions over the last few years. This paper proposed a novel affine invariant feature set which localization(More)
In personal healthcare information systems we need to encrypt medical image for security reason. Histogram equalization is a significant application for image gray level transformation, which is widely used in image enhancement processing. We adopt keeping encrypted histogram-equalized image data in the database as the security strategy for our personal(More)
This paper proposed a new scheme for an online content based image monitoring system, which can filter unexpected images from the Internet, support searching, detecting, and recognizing images, video and multimedia data. The approach includes three parts. First is texture feature extraction with quasi-Gabor filters. These filters are constructed in(More)
Cache size is a scarce resource in multi processors systems, Scheduling has a dramatic impact on the delay introduced by cache contention. This paper investigates the effects between programs running on a multi processors system, considering cache contention. This paper is proposed in low load case, the most programs' number of each core is one. The goal is(More)
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