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Prototype-Based Malware Traffic Classification with Novelty Detection
We propose a prototype-based approach to perform robust malware traffic classification with novel class detection using distance based cross entropy loss and metric regularization. Expand
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A Dynamic Temporal Error Concealment Algorithm for H.264
This paper proposes a Dynamic Temporal Error Concealment (DTEC) algorithm for H.264, which chooses different error concealment approach according to the variance of motion vectors of available macro-blocks (MBs) around the lost MB. Expand
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Segmentation and Recognition Algorithm Research of Moving Targets in an Image
An improved three- step search algorithm to improve the search speed of gray projection algorithm, through improved HSI difference model, adaptive segmentation algorithm and image morphology to automatically extracting moving target area under the condition of non-background image. Expand
The design and development of stereo recording simulation software
  • F. Wu, Lixin Zhao
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE 2nd International Conference on Software…
  • 15 July 2011
The design and development method of a stereo recording simulation software named “Virtual Stereo Recording” was introduced in the paper. Expand
Synchronization control based on phase compensation of tracking error of wafer and reticle stage in step and scan lithographic equipment
A high precision synchronization control method for scanning movement of reticle and wafer stage based on phase compensation of tracking error with the same frequency is presented. Expand
Sensor network security defense strategy based on attack graph and improved binary PSO
Abstract Attack graph is a common tool for qualitative analysis of Sensor network security and it can provide an important basis for security administrators to prevent malicious intrusion. In orderExpand
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Model and calibrating of a 5-DOF objective
Now it’s more and more higher for the image quality of lithography systems .Due to the errors in the processing and assembly , the image quality of the traditional lens becomes lower and deviatesExpand
Research on Optimization Method of Tool Path in Five-Axis Process Singular Region
We propose an optimization method of the tool path in the singular region of 5-axis machine tool, and solve the surface corrugated defects caused by the problem, while improving the processing efficiency. Expand
Design and Numerical Simulation Analysis of an Integrative Gas‐Liquid‐Solid Separation Hydrocyclone
Normally, a gas-liquid-solid separation includes both degassing and desanding processes, which means a relatively higher facility investment and larger energy consumption. Based on an inner-coneExpand
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