Lixin Sun

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APEX nominal bandwidth and band center specifications and are provided as MODTRAN 4 input for the instrument model. In several application configurations, the typically used Gaussian SRF is used as reference and compared with radiances resulting from hypothetical instruments based on the four other shapes to detect differences in selected spectral subsets(More)
BACKGROUND Years of education are inversely related to the prevalence of major depressive disorder (MDD), but the relationship between the clinical features of MDD and educational status is poorly understood. We investigated this in 1970 Chinese women with recurrent MDD identified in a clinical setting. METHODS Clinical and demographic features were(More)
The SAFT-VRX equation of state combines the SAFT-VR equation with a crossover function that smoothly transforms the classical equation into a nonanalytical form close to the critical point. By a combinination of the accuracy of the SAFT-VR approach away from the critical region with the asymptotic scaling behavior seen at the critical point of real fluids,(More)
BACKGROUND Although the diagnosis of melancholia has had a long history, the validity of the current DSM-IV definition remains contentious. We report here the first detailed comparison of melancholic and nonmelancholic major depression (MD) in a Chinese population examining in particular whether these two forms of MD differ quantitatively or qualitatively.(More)
Nucleotide pools in mammalian cells change due to the influence of antitumor drugs, which may help in evaluating the drug effect and understanding the mechanism of drug action. In this study, an ion-pair RP-HPLC method was used for a simple, sensitive and simultaneous determination of the levels of 12 nucleotides in mammalian cells treated with antibiotic(More)
To improve the speed of pattern recognition, a fast algorithm based on target contour is put forward. This algorithm recombines the original moment invariant and the contour moment invariant, which is called a relative contour moment invariant. This algorithm is discussed and tested with scaling, translation and rotation invariance. The recognition rate is(More)
In previous work, we developed the crossover SAFT–VR equation of state (SAFT–VRX) for pure fluids by following the crossover approach proposed by Kiselev. The SAFT–VRX equation was shown to be very accurate in the prediction of PVT and phase behaviour for both non-associating and associating fluids. In particular, simple expressions for the potential model(More)
– With the continued development of space borne process examines an image cube for bad pixels (stripes) and noise levels, determines spectral (smile effect) and spatial (keystone) registration per pixel, as well as evaluating the image cube for optimal signal gain and offset, and applies the relevant corrections. Where applicable, a scene-based (vicarious)(More)
Engineering equations of state (EOS) deal with the majority of fluids of interest in process and equipment design in the chemical industries. Accuracy and universality are two desirable features the engineering EOS require, however, both of them cannot be simultaneously obtained without some degree of compromise. Therefore a simultaneous optimization(More)