Lixin Sun

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APEX nominal bandwidth and band center specifications and are provided as MODTRAN 4 input for the instrument model. In several application configurations, the typically used Gaussian SRF is used as reference and compared with radiances resulting from hypothetical instruments based on the four other shapes to detect differences in selected spectral subsets(More)
Engineering equations of state (EOS) deal with the majority of fluids of interest in process and equipment design in the chemical industries. Accuracy and universality are two desirable features the engineering EOS require, however, both of them cannot be simultaneously obtained without some degree of compromise. Therefore a simultaneous optimization(More)
Multi-pellet formulations are advantageous for the controlled release of drugs over single-unit dosage forms. To understand the diffusion controlled drug release mechanism, the pellet structure and drug release from a single pellet (not at dose level) were studied using synchrotron radiation X-ray computed microtomography (SR-μCT) and a sensitive LC/MS/MS(More)
With the development of the conceptual design of the Canadian Hyperspectral Environment and Resource Observer (HERO) mission, its performance needs to be evaluated for different applications areas. Accordingly, this paper investigated the potential of the HERO mission for geoscience applications, such as mineral identification for mapping, exploration and(More)
In this study, GelGreen™ was investigated as a replacement for SYBR® Safe to stain DNA in cesium chloride (CsCl) density gradients for DNA-stable isotope probing (SIP) experiments. Using environmental DNA, the usage of GelGreen™ was optimized for sensitivity compared to SYBR® Safe, its optimal concentration, detection limit for environmental DNA and its(More)
This paper proposes a neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) model to predict individual muscle force during elbow flexion and extension. Four male subjects were asked to do voluntary elbow flexion and extension. An inertial sensor and surface electromyography (sEMG) sensors were attached to subject's forearm. Joint angle calculated by fusion of acceleration and(More)
In the past decade, golf has stimulated people’s great interest and the number of golf players has increased significantly. Therefore, how to train a golfer to make a perfect swing has attracted extensive research attentions. Among these researches, the most important step is to capture and reconstruct the swing movement in a transportable and non-intrusive(More)