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The biological control of cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms (cyanoHABs) is important to promote human health, environmental protection, and economic growth. Active algicidal compounds and algicidal mechanisms should be identified and investigated to control cyanoHABs. In this study, the algicidal actinobacterium Streptomyces sp. L74 was isolated from the(More)
Watermarking embeds information into a digital signal like audio, image, or video. Reversible image watermarking can restore the original image without any distortion after the hidden data is extracted. In this paper, we present a novel reversible watermarking scheme using an interpolation technique, which can embed a large amount of covert data into images(More)
This paper proposes a reversible data hiding scheme with high capacity-distortion efficiency, which embeds data by expanding prediction-errors. Instead of using the MED predictor as did in other schemes, a predictor with context modeling, which refines prediction-errors through an error feedback mechanism, is adopted to work out prediction-errors. The(More)
Vinegar is a traditional fermented condiment, and the microbial diversity of DaQu makes the quality of vinegar products. Recently, turbidity spoilage of vinegar sharply tampered with the quality of vinegar. In this study, the relation between the microbial diversity of DaQu and turbidity spoilage of vinegar was analyzed by plating technique, PCR–denaturing(More)
Tetragenococcus halophilus, a moderately halophilic Gram-positive bacterium, was isolated from Chinese style soy sauce. This species is a valuable resource for investigating salt tolerance mechanisms and improving salinity resistance in microorganisms. RNA-seq was used to sequence T. halophilus samples treated with 0 M (T1), 1 M (T2), and 3.5 M NaCl (T3).(More)
Daqu is a fermentation starter used in traditional Chinese vinegar production and determines the quality of the final vinegar products. In this study, the activity and microbial diversity of three typical types of Daqu were investigated using a nested PCR–denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) and plating technique. The bacterial DGGE profile and(More)
Solid-state acetic acid fermentation (AAF), a natural or semi-controlled fermentation process driven by reproducible microbial communities, is an important technique to produce traditional Chinese cereal vinegars. Highly complex microbial communities and metabolites are involved in traditional Chinese solid-state AAF, but the association between microbiota(More)
In this study, we investigated the microbiota dynamics during two industrial-scale traditional solid-state fermentation (SSF) processes of Daqu starters. Similar evolution profiles of environmental parameters, enzymatic activities, microbial amounts, and communities were observed during the medium temperature SSF (MTSSF) and low temperature SSF (LTSSF)(More)