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DocRED: A Large-Scale Document-Level Relation Extraction Dataset
Multiple entities in a document generally exhibit complex inter-sentence relations, and cannot be well handled by existing relation extraction (RE) methods that typically focus on extractingExpand
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Liquidity, Efficiency and Bank Bailouts
Why do governments bailout banking systems in distress? We argue that the government can efficiently provide liquidity. We present a general equilibrium model in which not all assets can be used toExpand
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Rational Inattention and Portfolio Selection
Costly information acquisition makes it rational for investors to obtain important economic news with only limited frequency or limited accuracy. We show that this rational inattention to importantExpand
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A Parametric Study of the Gas Flow Patterns and Drying Performance of Co-current Spray Dryer: Results of a Computational Fluid Dynamics Study
Abstract A computational fluid dynamic study was carried out to investigate airflow pattern, temperature, and humidity profile at different levels in the drying chamber. Good agreement was obtainedExpand
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Simulation of a Spray Dryer Fitted with a Rotary Disk Atomizer Using a Three-Dimensional Computional Fluid Dynamic Model
Abstract Spray dryers fitted with a rotary disk atomizer are widely used in many industries requiring high throughputs to produce powders from liquid streams. The interaction between droplets orExpand
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Money and Banking in Search Equilibrium
We develop a new theory of money and banking based on the old story in which goldsmiths start accepting deposits for safe keeping, then their liabilities begin circulating as media of exchange, thenExpand
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The effects of different nutritional measurements on delayed wound healing after hip fracture in the elderly.
BACKGROUND It has been well recognized that malnutrition causes wounds to heal inadequately and incompletely. Malnutrition is often observed in the elderly, and it appears to be more severe inExpand
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Reduced pressure extraction of oleuropein from olive leaves (Olea europaea L.) with ultrasound assistance
Abstract In this study, oleuropein was extracted from Frantoio olive leaves with ultrasound-assisted and reduced-pressure extraction (URPE). Then, it was characterized using HPLC-UV–vis detection.Expand
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Money, Banking, and Monetary Policy
An important function of banks is to issue liabilities, like demand deposits, that are relatively safe and liquid. We introduce a risk of theft and a safe-keeping role for banks into modern monetaryExpand
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Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics to Evaluate Alternative Spray Dryer Chamber Configurations
Abstract A computational fluid dynamic simulation study was carried out to compare the gas flow and temperature patterns as well as particle trajectories for a pressure nozzle atomized liquid slurryExpand
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