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This paper analyses the importance of establishing a robot simulation and monitoring system and describes the method how to establish a virtual environment using Java3D. Taking a type of serial robot (MOTOMAN-SV3X) for example, it introduces the working principle and systematic architecture of a robot-oriented simulation and monitoring system based on(More)
Broken bones precise repositioning and distal hole's locking of intramedullary nails are major challenges in orthopaedic surgery. This paper proposes a novel fluoroscopy guided robot-assisted orthopaedic surgery system which called MT-RAOS to assist the surgeons to do this work. In the system, a parallel robot is used to imitate the tact of traditional(More)
This paper reports the development of a robotic system to assist surgeons to perform bonesetting operation, such as femur or tibia fracture, in which interlocking intramedullary nail are widespread to combine bones. As for ordinary procedures, sometimes the nails are distorted, so it is difficult to lock the screw in the bone. And in such a situation,(More)
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