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Hematite (a-Fe 2 O 3) has demonstrated value as an important material component in several advanced technological applications, including heterogeneous catalysis, [1] photoelec-trochemistry, [2,3] dyes and stains, [4] magnetic data storage, [5] and room-temperature magnetic semiconductors. [6,7] The structure and properties of hematite also have critical(More)
Due to the fact that concurrent program's semantics can't be understood by relaxed memory model correctly, some unexpected faults, which are difficult to be detected, exist during its multi-threaded cross-execution. Therefore, this paper intends to establish an abstract memory model for concurrent program, conduct formal description of the memory access(More)
Highly ordered TiO 2 nanotube arrays on Ti substrates were prepared by an electrochemical anodization process in a mixture of glycerol and water containing 0.5 wt% NH 4 F and then thermally annealed from 400 °C to 600 °C. The sample structures were characterized by scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction measurements, where the nano-tube pore(More)