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Crude oils from different sources have quite different polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) distributions. Also, many PAH compounds are more resistant to weathering than their saturated counterparts (n-alkanes and isoprenoids) and volatile alkylbenzene compounds, thus PAils become one of the most valuable classes of hydrocarbons for oil identification(More)
High-quality Mn doped ZnS d-dots were successfully synthesized via an alternative route based on the solvothermal method using oleic acid as stabilizing agent. X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) as well as photoluminescence (PL) spectra were employed to characterize the obtained samples. The as-obtained d-dots are highly(More)
A general technique for efficient surface modification of silicon nanocrystals is highly desirable for the development of silicon quantum dots (SiQDs) as fluorescent probes for biological applications. Herein, a facile microwave-assisted hydrosilylation process for the preparation of stable SiQDs in a single step is presented. FTIR spectroscopy indicates(More)
Bismuth vanadate (BiVO(4)) spindle particles with monoclinic scheelite structure have been successfully synthesized via a facile sonochemical method. The as-prepared BiVO(4) photocatalyst exhibited a hollow interior structure constructed from the self-assembly of cone shape primary nanocrystals. A possible oriented attachment growth mechanism has been(More)
Hematite (a-Fe 2 O 3) has demonstrated value as an important material component in several advanced technological applications, including heterogeneous catalysis, [1] photoelec-trochemistry, [2,3] dyes and stains, [4] magnetic data storage, [5] and room-temperature magnetic semiconductors. [6,7] The structure and properties of hematite also have critical(More)
According to the characteristics like rapidity, time variability and the uncertainty of the input mechanical torque of front-end speed control wind turbine (FSCWT) with directly grid-connected and electrically excited synchronous generator (EESG), a double-loop H∞ control approach was proposed. In which, a simpilified structure of brushless excitation(More)