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NOPO modulates Egr-induced JNK-independent cell death in Drosophila
Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) family ligands play essential roles in regulating a variety of cellular processes including proliferation, differentiation and survival. Expression of Drosophila TNFExpand
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Maskless inverted pyramid texturization of silicon
We discovered a technical solution of such outstanding importance that it can trigger new approaches in silicon wet etching processing and, in particular, photovoltaic cell manufacturing. The soExpand
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SUMOylation Represses Nanog Expression via Modulating Transcription Factors Oct4 and Sox2
Nanog is a pivotal transcription factor in embryonic stem (ES) cells and is essential for maintaining the pluripotency and self-renewal of ES cells. SUMOylation has been proved to regulate severalExpand
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MicroRNA-155 Promotes Atherosclerosis Inflammation via Targeting SOCS1
Aims: Accumulating evidence suggests that atherosclerotic progression depends on persistent and chronic inflammation in the arterial walls. MicroRNA-155 is reportedly involved in cardiovascularExpand
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Basic forms of cognitive plasticity extended into the oldest-old: retest learning, age, and cognitive functioning.
To address the question of whether cognitive plasticity varies by age and level of cognitive functioning in the older population, the authors used a self-guided retest paradigm to assess the basicExpand
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Identification of pork in meat products using real-time loop-mediated isothermal amplification
In this study, a one-step, real-time, loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RealAmp) assay was developed, for the highly specific detection of pork DNA. For the assay, the mtDNA of cytochrome bExpand
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Plasticity of inhibition in older adults: retest practice and transfer effects.
This study assessed plasticity of inhibition in older adults through examining retest practice effects in a six-session training paradigm using the Stroop task and the training-induced transferExpand
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Age differences in the automatic accessibility of emotional words from semantic memory
Using a speeded word fragment completion task, we assessed age differences in the automatic accessibility of emotional versus neutral words from semantic memory. Participants were instructed toExpand
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Constitutive expression of a peanut ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme gene in Arabidopsis confers improved water-stress tolerance through regulation of stress-responsive gene expression.
Ubiquitin (Ub)-conjugating enzymes (UBCs) are key enzymes involved in ubiquitination. Although UBCs have been shown to play important roles in regulating various aspects of plant growth andExpand
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Synchrony effects in automatic and controlled retrieval
Using a speeded retrieval procedure, we investigated time-of-day effects in automatic and controlled retrieval. Morning-type adults were tested at either peak (early morning) or off-peak (lateExpand
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