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It is established that glucose restriction extends yeast chronological and replicative lifespan, but little is known about the influence of amino acids on yeast lifespan, although some amino acids were reported to delay aging in rodents. Here we show that amino acid composition greatly alters yeast chronological lifespan. We found that non-essential amino(More)
Natural products with anti-aging property have drawn great attention recently but examples of such compounds are exceedingly scarce. By applying a high-throughput assay based on yeast chronological lifespan measurement, we screened the anti-aging activity of 144 botanical materials and found that dried roots of Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge have significant(More)
A new approach to airspace congestion management is presented, in which uncertainties in predicting traffic levels and airspace capacity are quantified and considered in developing congestion resolutions. Such a " probabilistic " approach has the potential to greatly improve decision-making. Probabilistic models for predicting traffic demand are presented,(More)
The potential for conflicting information to be transmitted by different automated alerting systems is growing as these systems become more pervasive in process operations. Newly-introduced alerting systems must be carefully designed to minimize the potential for and impact of alerting conflicts (or dissonance), but little is currently available to aid this(More)
A high throughput screening assay was developed based on the yeast chronological aging model and applied in evaluating several factors that mediate lifespan, including inoculum size, cellular state in nutrient-rich medium, and calorie level. Using our assay, we confirmed the previously reported genetic mimics of calorie restriction, including deletion of(More)
Characterization of polyphenolic compounds in the stems of P. multiflorum was conducted using HPLC, high resolution LC-MS and LC-MSn. Proanthocyanidins in particular were isolated in 4.8% yield using solvent extraction followed by Sephadex LH-20 fractionation. HPLC analysis using a diol column revealed oligomers (from dimer to nonamer) as minor components,(More)
Aircraft noise is a major obstacle to the growth of aviation. This thesis presents an adaptive onboard real-time optimization algorithm and an Air Traffic Control simulation model that can minimize the aircraft approach noise and meet air traffic control targets and restrictions. The adaptive real-time optimization algorithm uses dynamic programming,(More)
In the U.S. National Airspace System (NAS) a function called traffic flow management (TFM) seeks a balance between resource capacities and the demands placed upon them by air traffic. In general, capacity cannot be manipulated, and it is necessary for demand to be altered to meet a reduced capacity. Typically, demand can be altered in time (via delay, i.e.,(More)