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The V-shaped hair bundles atop auditory hair cells and their uniform orientation are manifestations of epithelial planar cell polarity (PCP) required for proper perception of sound. PCP is regulated at the tissue level by a conserved core Wnt/PCP pathway. However, the hair cell-intrinsic polarity machinery is poorly understood. Recent findings implicate(More)
This paper proposes a compiler-automated array compression scheme to reduce the memory bandwidth consumption of programs and thereby to improve their execution speed. Three encoding methods are developed for such compression. Formulas are derived to analyze the cost and benefit of such methods. To ease the programmer's effort for writing and maintaining(More)
Programming network processors is challenging. To sustain high line rates, network processors have extremely tight memory access and instruction budgets. Achieving desired performance has traditionally required hand-coded assembly. Researchers have recently proposed high-level programming languages for packet processing, but the challenges of compiling(More)
As the shared memory bus becomes a major performance bottleneck for many numerical applications on multicore chips, understanding how the increased parallelism on chip strains the memory bandwidth and hence affects the efficiency of parallel codes becomes a critical issue. This paper introduces the notion of memory access intensity to facilitate(More)
This paper studies the global bifurcation and Hopf bifurcation of one kind of complicated financial system with different parameter combinations. Conditions on which bifurcation happens, and the critical system structure when the system transforms from one kind of topological structure to another are studied as well. The criterion for identifying Hopf(More)
The application and nutritional value of vegetable oil is highly dependent on its fatty acid composition, especially the relative proportion of its two major fatty acids, i.e oleic acid and linoleic acid. Microsomal oleoyl phosphatidylcholine desaturase encoded by FAD2 gene is known to introduce a double bond at the Δ12 position of an oleic acid on(More)
  • Atul K. Singh, Amanda M. Bettasso, Euiwon Bae, Bartek Rajwa, Murat M. Dundar, Mark D. Forster +6 others
  • 2014
UNLABELLED We investigated the application capabilities of a laser optical sensor, BARDOT (bacterial rapid detection using optical scatter technology) to generate differentiating scatter patterns for the 20 most frequently reported serovars of Salmonella enterica. Initially, the study tested the classification ability of BARDOT by using six Salmonella(More)