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Shewanella putrefaciens is as yet reputed to be a rare conditional pathogen. In recent years, some clinical infections caused by Shewanella putrefaciens came into view, and it was possible for the bacteria to be isolated from blood, pus, urine, sputum, and wound secretions, etc. A transferred patient who suffered from intracranial infection after operation(More)
Gambogic acid (GA), a natural product with unique structure, was reported to have broad antiproliferation activities against cancer cell lines. As a reactive Michael acceptor, the 10-position of GA is susceptible to nucleophiles, thus limiting its clinical application as an anticancer agent. Moreover, the 6-OH forms an intramolecular hydrogen bond with(More)
A series of N-(2,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-beta-D-glucopyranosyl)thiocarbamates were synthesized by the reaction of glucosyl isothiocyanates with monohydric and dihydric alcohols, and acetone oxime, using methods of both normal reaction and microwave-assisted synthesis. Antifungal activities of the title compounds were determined with three kinds of plant(More)
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