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Risk management Incident response Security evaluation a b s t r a c t Intrusion detection system (IDS) plays a vital role in defending our cyberspace against attacks. Either misuse-based IDS or anomaly-based IDS, or their combinations, however, can only partially reflect the true system state due to excessive false alerts, low detection rate, and inaccurate(More)
The forelimbs of higher vertebrates are composed of two portions: the appendicular region (stylopod, zeugopod and autopod) and the less prominent proximal girdle elements (scapula and clavicle) that brace the limb to the main trunk axis. We show that the formation of the muscles of the proximal limb occurs through two distinct mechanisms. The more(More)
Variation of the methoxycarbonyl and C-18 substituents of the antiaddictive compound 18-methoxycoronaridine, and contraction of its isoquinuclidine ring segment, provided 15 congeners for SAR evaluation at opioid and alpha3beta4 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. The opioid activities were relatively low, and the alpha3beta4 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor(More)
The avian scapula is a long bone located dorsally on the thorax. The cranial part that articulates with the upper limb is derived from the somatopleure of the forelimb field, while the caudal part, the scapula blade, originates from the dermomyotomes of brachial and thoracic somites. In previous studies, we have shown that scapula blade formation is(More)
In previous studies, we demonstrated the leishmanicide effect of coronaridine, a natural indole alkaloid isolated from stem bark of Peschiera australis (Delorenzi et al., Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 45:1349-1354, 2001). In this study we show the leishmanicidal effect of the synthetic coronaridine and its racemic 18-methoxylated analog,(More)
PURPOSE To determine the flexibility, efficacy, and safety of a novel foldable capsular vitreous body (FCVB) in the treatment of severe retinal detachment in human eyes. METHODS The study involved 11 patients with 11 severe retinal detachments. A standard three-port pars plana vitrectomy was performed, and the FCVB was triple-folded and implanted into the(More)