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Robotica / Volume 26 / Issue 01 / January 2008, pp 93 98 DOI: 10.1017/S0263574707003621, Published online: 12 July 2007 Link to this article: http://journals.cambridge.org/abstract_S0263574707003621 How to cite this article: Jun Wu, Jinsong Wang, Tiemin Li, Liping Wang and Liwen Guan (2008). Dynamic dexterity of a planar 2-DOF parallel manipulator in a(More)
Dynamic manipulability is a very important issue that should be considered for problems of parallel manipulator design. In order to study the dynamic optimization of a 2-DOF planar parallel manipulator, which is used in a heavy duty hybrid machine, genetic algorithm (GA) is used in the dynamic manipulability optimization. Based on the kinematic analysis,(More)
The force cueing algorithm is a primary source of flight simulation fidelity for dynamic seat. This paper presents a new optimal force cueing algorithm which incorporates a mathematical model of human body pressure system and otolith system. Linear perceptual models of the pilot in both dynamic seat and aircraft are built, then the cueing algorithm is(More)
The optimization method for the structure of a 6-DOF parallel robot mechanism is presented for minimizing the driving velocity. Firstly, the velocity model is given according to the kinematics theory of rigid body, which effectively avoids the fussy derivation process. The velocity target function is obtained by inequality transformation. Finally the(More)
Taking a 3-TPT parallel machine tool as example, two different methods resolving the workspace problem of parallel machine tool are discussed. One is common analytical method that is to solve the available workspace by solving kinematical inverse equation of parallel machine tool. Due to analytical method is complex and hard to get exact workspace, the(More)