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The Michael addition of 3-substituted oxindoles to nitroolefins was catalyzed by a novel tartrate-derived guanidine in high yield with excellent diastereo- and enantioselectivity. This method showed an extraordinarily broad substrate scope in terms of both reaction partners.
A novel library of chiral guanidines featuring a tartaric acid skeleton was developed from diethyl l-tartrate. These guanidines are easily accessed with tunable steric and electronic properties. The utilities of the guanidines were highlighted by their ability to catalyze the α-hydroxylation of β-ketoesters and β-diketones with remarkable efficiency and(More)
A natural quinidine-catalyzed asymmetric chlorination of 4-substituted pyrazolones is developed, affording products with a quaternary chiral chlorine-attached carbon centre in high yield with excellent enantioselectivity. The low catalyst loading (1 mol%), broad substrate scope, and facile and valuable transformation of the product highlight the practical(More)
α,β-Unsaturated ynones have historically been used as Michael acceptors in conjugate addition reactions. Herein, we have demonstrated for the first time that ynones can be harnessed as Michael donors for use in catalytic asymmetric conjugate addition reactions by strategically introducing a CO2t-Bu group as a multitasking directing group. Furthermore, this(More)
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