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Energy efficiency (EE) maximization in MIMO systems has received much attention in next generation wireless communications. Within recent years, a lot of great works have been proposed to improve EE dramatically by power allocation and/or antenna selection. However, the systems significantly exploiting multiuser diversity were not considered in these works.(More)
Tuning space mapping (TSM) with tuning exponent parameter of ABCD-Matrix is proposed and verified. A section of design interest in the electromagnetic (EM) model is replaced by ‘n’ pieces cascaded ABCD-Matrixes, and each ABCD-Matrix is the EM-simulated ABCD-parameter of pre-assigned cell circuit (PCC). Finally the optimal exponent parameter of(More)
Energy efficiency (EE) maximization for OFDM transceiver has received much attention in next generation wireless communication systems. Recently, there have been a lot of works on EE maximization by balancing the transmission rate and the holistic power consumption. However, how to maximize EE in OFDM systems by joint power allocation and subcarrier(More)
With the tremendous development of data science, using unstructured documents to analyze marketing dynamics is attracting a great deal of attention. In this letter, we propose an iterative scheme to extract the new words, which is often a bottleneck for Chinese natural language processing (NLP) in financial markets analysis. In contrast to existing static(More)
Application of latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA) in text analysis has received much attention because it is capable of characterizing the hidden topics of the documents within the Bayesian framework. In this paper, we train the LDA model with financial research reports to predict the most correlated industries of the financial news among the 24 first-level(More)
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