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In this paper, we propose a new type of Dictionary-based Entity Recognition Problem, named Approximate Membership Localization (AML). The popular Approximate Membership Extraction (AME) provides a full coverage to the true matched substrings from a given document, but many redundancies cause a low efficiency of the AME process and deteriorate the(More)
In many databases, science bibliography database for example, name attribute is the most commonly chosen identifier to identify entities. However, names are often ambiguous and not always unique which cause problems in many fields. Name disambiguation is a non-trivial task in data management that aims to properly distinguish different entities which share(More)
Provenance information is vital in many application areas as it helps explain data lineage and derivation. However, storing fine-grained provenance information can be expensive. In this paper, we present a framework for storing provenance information relating to data derived via database queries. In particular, we first propose a provenance tree data(More)
In order to ensure the reliability of network-on-chip (NoC) under faulty circumstance, a dynamic fault tolerant routing algorithm is proposed. This algorithm can implement detour routing when there are both static and dynamic permanent faults in the network. That means the packet is able to move around the faults to the destination with a non-minimum path.(More)
In this paper, we propose a search-based approach to join two tables in the absence of clean join attributes. Non-structured documents from the web are used to express the correlations between a given query and a reference list. To implement this approach, a major challenge we meet is how to efficiently determine the number of times and the locations of(More)
In this paper, we have extended multi-version concurrency control mechanisms for long-duration transaction based on nested transaction model, and explained how both intra- and inter-transaction concurrency degree can be increased. Our method uses the concept of visible sets to allow a transaction to update an object updated by another uncommitted(More)
Dynamic workflow adaptation problems have been recognized by the workflow community for a long time and several approaches have been proposed so far. Most of the existing approaches are mainly to guarantee a workflow instance can be propagated to a new workflow specification and can terminate properly without causing structural errors, however, for(More)
There have been many researches and semantics in answering top-k queries on uncertain data in various applications. However, most of these semantics must consume much of their time in computing position probability. Our approach to support various top-k queries is based on position probability distribution (PPD) sharing. In this paper, a PPD-tree structure(More)