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In order to solve the problems in Two-Dimensional image threshold segmentation such as, time consuming, low accuracy and easy to produce false segmentation image, a novel image segmentation algorithm that combing improved Firefly Algorithm with Two-Dimensional Otsu(2-D Otsu) is proposed. First of all, an improved Firefly Algorithm is proposed considering(More)
We develop an optimization model for risk management in a virtual enterprise environment based on a novel multiswarm particle swarm optimizer called PS2O. The main idea of PS2O is to extend the single population PSO to the interacting multiswarms model by constructing hierarchical interaction topology and enhanced dynamical update equations. With the(More)
According to the deficiency of Chord algorithm supporting single keyword query only, a P2P framework-Z_mirror by combining the Z_mirror and Chord is proposed for managing service resources, which supports DHT-based multi-keyword query and approximate query by means of Z_mirror index to improve resources searching ability. Experiments show that Z_mirrorChord(More)
This paper proposes a new plant-inspired optimization algorithm for multilevel threshold image segmentation, namely, hybrid artificial root foraging optimizer (HARFO), which essentially mimics the iterative root foraging behaviors. In this algorithm the new growth operators of branching, regrowing, and shrinkage are initially designed to optimize continuous(More)
With the help of powerful function mapping capability of BP neural network, this paper presents a BP neural net real-time data forecasting model which is suitable for the home environment by using the correlation between the indoor temperature, outdoor humidity and indoor humidity. The model is based on the size of the correlation coefficient to identify(More)
With the help of powerful function mapping capability of Multi-swarm Coevolution work, this paper presents a Multi-swarm Coevolution real-time data forecasting model which is suitable for the atmospheric environmental monitoring by using the correlation between the temperature, humidity and humidity. The model is based on the size of the correlation(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical evidence indicates that hepatic abnormalities in patients with chronic pancreatitis are not uncommon. Here we aimed to study the possible association between liver and pancreatic damage in a recently described experimental mouse model of CP. METHODS The severity of the damage to pancreas, liver and other organs was assessed by(More)
EETP is an evaluation index for the whole thermal performance of envelopes. The effects of envelope related parameters on energy consumption for cooling and heating were analyzed respect to EETP index, the sensitivity factor analysis was performed. The results show that for the whole year, the heat transfer coefficient of wall is the most important factor(More)