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Underwater microrobots are in urgent demand for applications such as pollution detection and video mapping in limited space. Compact structure, multi-functionality, and flexibility are normally considered incompatible characteristics for underwater microrobots. Nevertheless, to accomplish our objectives, we designed a novel inchworm-inspired biomimetic(More)
Nowadays, studies of the biomimetic microrobots with multi DOF that can walk and swim smoothly in water or aqueous medium have been hot topics in the field of underwater monitoring operations, including pollution detection, video mapping and other tasks. Actuator materials of all types are of interest for any application where space is limited. This(More)
Developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH), previously known as congenital hip dislocation, is a frequently disabling condition characterized by premature arthritis in later life. Genetic influence on DDH has been long known, but is still poorly understood. Previously, we have performed a genome-wide linkage scan with Affymetrix 10K genechip for a(More)
Estimating indigenous nitrogen supply (INS) by measurement of crop N uptake in N omission plots for site-specific N management is not feasible on a routine basis because it involves destructive plant sampling and plant tissue analysis, which is time-consuming and expensive. The objective of this study was to determine the amount of INS and develop a method(More)
A visual tracking system is essential as a basis for visual servoing, autonomous navigation, path planning, robot-human interaction and other robotic functions. To execute various tasks in diverse and ever-changing environments, a mobile robot requires high levels of robustness, precision, environmental adaptability and real-time performance of the visual(More)
Biomimetic microrobots with multi DOF have powerful applications in the field of underwater monitoring for applications such as pollution detection and video mapping. Most robots focus on complex structure of multi-joint legs to attain the multifunction and flexibility, while others have poor flexibility for miniaturization. To attain a microrobot with(More)
As the competition and exploration on marine is going more intense, intelligent underwater robots or autonomous underwater vehicles have become important tools to accomplish tasks such as ocean geologic survey, mineral exploration, victims rescue, military reconnaissance, etc. The mechanical structure and electronic control module design, which have long(More)
Nowadays, microrobots are being widely researched in order to deal with complicated missions in limited spaces. But important abilities such as locomotion velocity and enduring time are usually sacrificed in order to realize compact sizes. To solve these problems, we proposed a mother-son multi-robots cooperation system, named GSL system, which included(More)