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—Silicon fusion and eutectic bonding processes based on the technique of localized heating have been successfully demonstrated. Phosphorus-doped polysilicon and gold films are applied separately in the silicon-to-glass fusion bonding and silicon-to-gold eutectic bonding experiments. These films are patterned as line-shape resistive heaters with widths of 5(More)
—A combination of surface-and bulk-micromachining techniques is used to demonstrate the feasibility of fabricating microhypodermic needles. These microneedles, which may be built with on-board fluid pumps, have potential applications in the chemical and biomedical fields for localized chemical analysis, programmable drug-delivery systems, and very small,(More)
A method of active frequency tuning on comb-shape micro resonators has been successfully demonstrated by means of localized stressing effects. A mechanical beam structure that can be resistively heated to generate thermal stress, is integrated as part of the comb-shape micro resonator for frequency tuning. Experimentally, a frequency change up to 6.5% is(More)
Th is work ad d resses the th erm op h ysica l ph en om en a of bu bble form a tion by u sin g solid-state m icroh eaters a n d recom m end s specific d irection s for fu tu re a pp lication s. Microscale bu bble form ation h a s becom e an im porta n t a ctu ation m ech an ism for m icroflu id ic m a ch in es in th e () em ergin g field of m icroelectrom(More)
—Microrelays with liquid metal wetted contacts have been demonstrated using bidirectional electrothermal electromagnetic actuators. These relays were fabricated with the MetalMUMPs foundry process, which has a 20-µm-thick nickel structural layer. The operating voltage is under 0.5 V. The measured breakdown voltage and OFF-state resistance are greater than(More)
Keywords: RF-MEMS Microwave engineering Millimeter waves Plastic hot embossing GHz Iris filters Electroplating a b s t r a c t Results are presented for micromachined plastic waveguide bandpass iris filters for W-band applications using a cost-effective polymer micro hot embossing process in conjunction with metallic electroplating and sealing techniques.(More)
—A thermal-bubble-actuated micropump by the principles of liquid/vapor phase transition and nozzle-diffuser flow regulation is successfully demonstrated. The micropump consists of a resistive heater, a pair of nozzle-diffuser flow controller and a 1 mm in diameter, 50 m in depth pumping chamber. The actua-tion mechanism comes from periodically nucleating(More)
—A hermetic package based on localized aluminum/sil-icon-to-glass bonding has been successfully demonstrated. Less than 0.2 MPa contact pressure with 46 mA current input for two parallel 3.5-m-wide polysilicon on-chip microheaters can raise the temperature of the bonding region to 700 C bonding temperature and achieve a strong and reliable bond in 7.5 min.(More)