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[1] The pyrolite model is one of the possible compositions of the Earth’s lower mantle. The lower mantle’s composition is generally modelled by comparing seismic observations with mineral physics data of possible lower mantle end-member phases. Here, we report the compression behavior of a natural KLB-1 peridotite (a representative composition of the(More)
BACKGROUND Much evidence has suggested the positive effect of methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) on mitigating adverse outcomes caused by opioid use. Pretreatment motivations are associated with clients' engagement, retention, and outcomes in drug use treatment. However, motivation is mutable, and few MMT researchers have considered during-treatment(More)
This paper presents the problem of designing a sliding mode controller via static output feedback for a class of fractional order time-varying mismatched uncertain systems, in which all states are unavailable and estimated states are not required. On the basis of auxiliary system, a sliding mode control law with output feedback characteristics is researched(More)
With the rapid decline in cost of sequencing, it is now affordable to examine multiple genes in a single disease-targeted clinical test using next generation sequencing. Current targeted sequencing methods require a separate step of targeted capture enrichment during sample preparation before sequencing. Although there are fast sample preparation methods(More)
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