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Modeling Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics for Soil Management
OVERVIEWS Introduction to Simulation of Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics in Soils, M.J. Shaffer, L. Ma, and S. Hansen Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics in Upland Soils, M.J. Shaffer and L. Ma Carbon andExpand
Cover crops in the upper midwestern United States: Simulated effect on nitrate leaching with artificial drainage
A fall-planted winter cover crop is an agricultural management practice with multiple benefits that may include reducing nitrate (NO3) losses from artificial drained agricultural fields. While theExpand
Evaluation of the RZWQM-CERES-Maize hybrid model for maize production
The root zone water quality model (RZWQM) was developed primarily for water quality research with a generic plant growth module primarily serving as a sink for plant nitrogen and water uptake. InExpand
Integrating system modeling with field research in agriculture: applications of the root zone water quality model (RZWQM)
This chapter focuses on root zone water quality model (RZWQM), an agricultural system model that integrates the state-of-the-science knowledge of agricultural systems into a tool for agricultural research and management, environmental assessment, and technology transfer. Expand
Root Zone Water Quality Model (RZWQM2): Model Use, Calibration, and Validation
The Root Zone Water Quality Model (RZWQM2) has been used widely for simulating agricultural management effects on crop production and soil and water quality. Although it is a one-dimensional model,Expand
RZWQM simulation of long-term crop production, water and nitrogen balances in Northeast Iowa
Agricultural system models are tools to represent and understand major processes and their interactions in agricultural systems. We used the Root Zone Water Quality Model (RZWQM) with 26 years ofExpand
Adaptive Grid Refinement in Numerical Models for Water Flow and Chemical Transport in Soil: A Review
Insufficient spatial or temporal resolution is a common source of errors in numerical solutions for both water flow and solute transport in the variably unsaturated vadose zone. Evaporation near theExpand
Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics in Upland Soils
Upland soils constitute the majority of soils in farm and ranch areas throughout the world. They also dominate forested areas. Because these soils tend to be better aerated than wetland soils, oxygenExpand
Performing a sensitivity analysis for a mathematical simulation model is helpful in identifying key model parameters and simulation errors resulting from parameter uncertainty. The Root Zone WaterExpand
Water resources and water use efficiency in the North China Plain: Current status and agronomic management options
Serious water deficits and deteriorating environmental quality are threatening agricultural sustainability in the North China Plain (NCP). This paper addresses spatial and temporal availability ofExpand