Liviu Gr. Ixaru

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A generalization of Peano’s kernel theorem due to Ghizzetti and Ossicini [Quadrature Formulae, Birkhaüser, Basel, Switzerland, 1970] provides expressions, in the form of integrals, for the truncation errors in a variety of exponential-fitting formulae for oscillatory problems. In some circumstances this leads to an expression analogous to the Lagrange form(More)
We consider the solution of the one-dimensional Schrödinger problem over an infinite integration interval. The infinite problem is regularized by truncating the integration interval and imposing the appropriate boundary conditions at the truncation points. The Schrödinger problem is then solved on the truncated integration interval using one of the(More)
This paper is the first approach to the solution of Volterra integral equation by exponential fitting methods. We have developed a Direct Quadrature method, which uses a class of ef-based quadrature rules adapted to the current problem to solve. We have analyzed the convergence of the method and have found different formulas for the coefficients, which(More)