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The Web syndication - meaning really simple syndication (RSS ) - is a very important technology that specialists and educators would be well advised to harness. RSS and RSS feeds are relatively new to Internet users, being the most important technology to arrive on the internet since blogging. Because this technology provides us with a method of getting(More)
The thermodynamic behavior and spin dynamics of the colossal magnetoresistive (CMR) perovskites of general formula La(1-x)(A)xMn(1-y)(B)yO3 (where A is an alkaline earth, and B = Al, In) have been studied in order to evidence the effect of composition and the influence of nanocrystallinity on the thermodynamic and magnetic characteristics. By using electron(More)
The results of X-band EPR, X-ray absorption and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy on Pt(NH(3))(4)(2+) exchanged NaX, NaY and NaA zeolites reveal after oxygen calcination at 573 K that diamagnetic Pt(2+) is not the only product. Calcination provides Pt(3+) cations, but depending on the heating rate, the decomposition of amino groups during calcination(More)
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