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The Social Responsibility of the Top 100 Romanian Companies. An Analysis of Corporate Websites
The article identifies the extent to which the most valuable Romanian companies practice corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its beneficiaries. It describes the main areas of action andExpand
Zombie socialism and the rise of neoliberalism in post-socialist Central and Eastern Europe
Abstract Many scholars have asked themselves if and for how long they should use the concept of “post-socialism.” We review some ways in which post-socialism is no longer used productively andExpand
Networked infrastructures and the ‘local': Flows and connectivity in a postsocialist city
Through an analysis of ethnographic data gathered from two communities using Bucharest's urban infrastructures, we argue that studies that privilege the large-scale analyses may be enriched by payingExpand
This article argues that the situation of shortage that characterized state socialist societies for long periods of their existence could inform in meaningful ways the theory on consumption producedExpand
The Many (Still) Functional Housing Estates of Bucharest, Romania: A Viable Housing Provider in Europe’s Densest Capital City
Housing estates built during the post-World War II decades in many countries have followed diverging trajectories. These include maintenance and repair, demolition, ‘doing nothing,’ and demolitionExpand
Who Are the Gentrifiers and How Do They Change Central City Neighbourhoods? Privatization, Commodification, and Gentrification in Bucharest
CHELCEA, L., POPESCU, R., CRISTEA, D. (2015): Who Are the Gentrifiers and How Do They Change Central City Neighbourhoods? Privatization, Commodification, and Gentrification in Bucharest. Geografie,Expand
The "housing question" and the state-socialist answer: city, class and state remaking in 1950s Bucharest.
  • Liviu Chelcea
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • International journal of urban and regional…
  • 1 March 2012
Housing nationalization as a solution to urban inequalities has a long history in European social thought. This article describes housing nationalization in a state-socialist context. Using aExpand
Ancestors, Domestic Groups, and the Socialist State: Housing Nationalization and Restitution in Romania
  • Liviu Chelcea
  • Sociology
  • Comparative Studies in Society and History
  • 1 October 2003
As in the vast majority of socialist states that arose with the Soviet Union's post-World War II hegemony over Eastern Europe, People's Republic of Romania nationalized (confiscated) a large numberExpand
Kinship of Paper: Genealogical Charts as Bureaucratic Documents
Ethnographies of groups who draw genealogical charts are relatively common in anthropology. Bringing the ethnographic gaze to bear on genealogical charts drawn up by bureaucratic and legalExpand