Livingstone S. Luboobi

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In the paper, we propose a model that tracks the dynamics of malaria in the human host and mosquito vector. Our model incorporates some infected humans that recover from infection and immune humans after loss of immunity to the disease to join the susceptible class again. All the new borne are susceptible to the infection and there is no vertical(More)
An HIV/AIDS model incorporating complacency for the adult population is formulated. Complacency is assumed a function of number of AIDS cases in a community with an inverse relation. A method to find the equilibrium state of the model is given by proving a stated theorem. An example to illustrate use of the theorem is also given. Model analysis and(More)
A deterministic SEIR model of rift valley fever (RVF) with climate change parameters was considered to compute the basic reproduction number ℛ 0 and investigate the impact of temperature and precipitation on ℛ 0. To study the effect of model parameters to ℛ 0, sensitivity and elasticity analysis of ℛ 0 were performed. When temperature and precipitation(More)
An HIV/AIDS model that incorporates gradual behaviour change is formulated with a variable force of infection for the adult population. The variability is modelled using a general function of time since introduction of the initial infective and exemplified for three specific functions. Expressions for the time taken for the reproductive number to reduce to(More)
Introduction. In Sub-Saharan Africa, excessive foetal head moulding is commonly associated with cephalopelvic disproportion and obstructed labour. This study set out to determine the associations of maternal pelvis height and maternal height with intrapartum foetal head moulding. Methods. This was a multisite secondary analysis of maternal birth records of(More)
Rapidly spreading infectious diseases are a serious risk to public health. The dynamics and the factors causing outbreaks of these diseases can be better understood using mathematical models, which are fit to data. Here we investigate the dynamics of a Hepatitis E outbreak in the Kitgum region of northern Uganda during 2007 to 2009. First, we use the data(More)
HIV-infected individuals are increasingly becoming susceptible to liver disease and, hence, liver-related mortality is on a rise. The presence of CD4+ in the liver and the presence of C-X-C chemokine receptor type 4 (CXCR4) on human hepatocytes provide a conducive environment for HIV invasion. In this study, a mathematical model is used to analyse the(More)
INTRODUCTION In sub Saharan Africa, childbirth remains a challenge that creates the need for additional screening tools. Maternal pelvis height, which is currently in use by automotive engineers has previously been shown to have significant associations with various childbirth related outcomes and events. This study set out to determine the associations(More)
In this paper, a co-infection of malaria and visceral helminthiasis with immune stimulation and impairment is studied. We have assumed that an individual gets malaria infection during invasion by helminths larvae. In absence of immune response, our results show that the antigens invade the blood system if the rate of red cell rupture per invading merozoite(More)