Livia Velpry

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BACKGROUND People with severe mental disorders tend to be seen as authors rather than as victims of violence, while mental illness is associated with violence and danger. French policy focuses on individuals with mental illness as authors of violence, to the detriment of evidence-based public health regarding such individuals when they are victims. (More)
Almost all the knowledge now produced about psychiatry includes what is called "the patient's or client's perspective." This paper analyzes how this notion has been framed in the discourses on mental health over the last two decades, particularly in mental health research and in anthropology. The very concept of the "patient's perspective" is a social and(More)
This paper examines the uncertain meaning of confinement in psychiatric care practices. Investigating the recent expansion of high-security units in French public psychiatry, for patients with dangerous behavior (units for difficult patients) and for suffering prisoners (specially equipped hospital units), we aim to understand psychiatry's use of(More)
Free access to medicines is an important element in the implementation of health care access policies. Paradoxically, this aspect is rarely addressed in the literature on this subject. The Ville-Evrard psychiatric hospital introduced so-called "poverty prescriptions" allowing free drug dispensing, independently of specific PASS (Permanent Access to Health_(More)
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