Livia S. Eberlin

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It has been hypothesized that calcium antagonists may be useful in the management of airway hyperreactivity. In these studies, we evaluated the effects of verapamil on guinea pig tracheal spirals and parenchymal lung strips in vitro. Preincubation of both tissues with verapamil caused concentration-dependent inhibition of contraction with significant(More)
Determining permeability of a given compound through human skin is a principal challenge owing to the highly complex nature of dermal tissue. We describe the application of an ambient mass spectrometry imaging method for visualizing skin penetration of sodium channel modulators, including novel synthetic analogs of natural neurotoxic alkaloids, topically(More)
PURPOSE Because of the proximity of the inguinal lymphatics and the femoral vessels, lymph vessel manipulation during inguinal dissection is unavoidable, and this project was undertaken to evaluate the consequences. METHODS Thirty-five greyhound dogs underwent popliteal lymph node dissection, cannulation with microvascular silastic tubing, and infusion of(More)
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