Livia Levine

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I am applying for the Ackoff Doctoral Student Fellowship for my proposed study, " Behavioral Responses to Contemptuous Expressions, " in the amount of $4,000. I am a third-year doctoral student in the Wharton Ethics & Legal Studies Doctoral Program. This study is under the guidance of Maurice Schweitzer. Below is an estimated budget for this study. No other(More)
I plan to study the consequences of overcharging in asymmetrical markets where buyers are uncertain of the true quality of the goods. My hypothesis is that overcharging changes consumers' use of prices as a heuristic. I propose an experimental study on this topic with support from the Russell Ackoff Doctoral Student Fellowship. This opportunity will help me(More)
This bibliography includes the papers published on female remating, sperm storage, sperm competition and its consequences such as sperm precedence or sperm displacement with role of male accessory gland fluids in female remating in several species of Drosophila. Female remating is fundamental to evolutionary biology as it determines the pattern of sexual(More)
Optic nerve hypoplasia can be associated with other central nervous system malformations. When associated with absence of the septum pellucidum or thinning of the corpus callosum, it is termed septo-optic dysplasia. Considered to be a first trimester event, the embryologic timing and etiology of this syndrome still is not clearly defined. This report(More)
Comparisons are made of the interstrain fighting behavior of adult male mice from two inbred strains (ST-albino; CBA-black-agouti), raised in one of three postweaning social situations: 1) isolated from other males, 2) reared with males of the same strains, or 3) reared with males of the opposite strain. Using the fighting behavior of isolated males as a(More)
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