Livia Klee

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An examination of Medi-Cal-paid claims was undertaken to assess the utilization of mental health services by children in California's foster care system. Using unduplicate counts of service use and diagnoses, it was determined that children in foster care account for 41% of all users of mental health services even though they represent less than 4% of(More)
The number of children in foster care in California doubled from 27,534 in 1980 to more than 62,419 in 1988, representing approximately 1% of the child population in the state. Past studies have demonstrated that children in foster care have high rates of medical and mental health problems. An examination of all Medi-Cal-paid claims was undertaken to(More)
This paper reports on a study conducted to assess the health care needs of foster children in California. To evaluate foster children's mental health problems and the services provided to meet them, 154 program administrators, social workers, foster parents, and health care providers were interviewed in 14 counties. Foster parents and social workers were(More)
Our goal is to identify more relevant indicators of women's drinking problems. We first reviewed the literature on women's drinking problems to uncover the major issues and research problems that previous studies have raised. We then systematically analyzed 464 indicators of women's alcohol problems cited in the literature from 1970-86. We calculated the(More)
In recent years, some researchers in the alcohol survey field have raised concerns about the shortcomings in severity/frequency scales for drinking and drinking problems used for both clinical and household survey purposes, especially with regard to women. This article reports on Part I of a two-part study that used ethnographic and survey methods to assess(More)
Although case management is a recognized technique to organize and coordinate human services, its use with high-risk children is relatively new. This article describes the development of a case management program for children at the Center for the Vulnerable Child at Children's Hospital, Oakland, California, a health care setting that brings together(More)
Health care providers are being confronted by a change in childhood morbidity from primarily physical problems to complex problems rooted in the social, family, and environmental conditions that accompany persistent urban poverty. The clustering of multiple problems in one family necessitates redefining preventive and treatment strategies. Yet the lack of(More)
This is the summary report, which can be accessed at <> and <> as well as in the " CSS Environment and Conflict Transformation " Series ( > " Publishing House " > " Publication Series "). An 18-page summary of this full report can be accessed at the same websites. The Center for Security Studies (CSS) at ETH(More)
The organization and delivery of health services to children in foster care was investigated in 14 California counties in 1985. Foster care administrators, child welfare workers, foster parents, and health care providers responded to questionnaires and structured interviews performed by two pediatricians knowledgeable about the child welfare system. The(More)