Livia J. Müller

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DNA damage incurred by a multitude of endogenous and exogenous factors constitutes an inevitable challenge for the replication machinery. Cells rely on various mechanisms to either remove lesions or bypass them in a more or less error-prone fashion. The latter pathway involves the Y-family polymerases that catalyze trans-lesion synthesis across sites of(More)
In recent years, researchers aimed to understand different facets of positive experiences with technology. Positive psychology, and recently also HCI, makes use of a hedonia/ eudaimonia distinction. Hedonia is understood as providing enjoyable experiences, whereas eudaimonia is associated with meaningful experiences. However, it is not clear how eudaimonia(More)
Species identification through DNA barcoding is a tool to be added to taxonomic procedures, once it has been validated. Applying barcoding techniques in public health would aid in the identification and correct delimitation of the distribution of rodents from the subfamily Sigmodontinae. These rodents are reservoirs of etiological agents of zoonoses(More)
Evaluation of the therapeutic range of oral anticoagulation for different commercial thromboplastins in comparison with Quick's human brain thromboplastin and Thrombotest is based on simultaneous performance of all methods for each blood sample, on strict adherence to the manufacturer's instructions and on adequate statistical analysis.
"Know your users!" A short request but a challenging one. Studies have shown that the positioning of web objects according to the users' mental models can prevent errors and increase the efficiency of interaction. Therefore an important aspect of the design of websites is to take the expectations of the users into account. However the results of these(More)
Understanding different facets of positive user experience (UX) is of great interest to researchers. Recently, 'positive design' and fostering happiness through technology is gaining more attention. However, little empirical research has been conducted. We adopted a concept from positive psychology that describes different facets of positive experience:(More)
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