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Random DNA libraries from three species of the stick insect genus Bacillus (Insecta: Phasmida): repetitive DNA characterization and first observation of polyneopteran MITEs.
The repetitive DNA content of the stick insect species Bacillus rossius (facultative parthenogenetic), Bacillus grandii (gonochoric), and Bacillus atticus (obligate parthenogenetic) was analyzedExpand
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Hybridogenesis and a potential case of R2 non-LTR retrotransposon horizontal transmission in Bacillus stick insects (Insecta Phasmida)
Horizontal transfer (HT) is an event in which the genetic material is transferred from one species to another, even if distantly related, and it has been demonstrated as a possible essential part ofExpand
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Sex and Repetitive Sequence Dynamics in Bacillus Stick Insects (Phasmida, Bacillidae)
Eukaryotic genomes are characterized by the wide occurrence of repetitive sequences; these play an important role in genome structure and variability and the reproductive biology of the host organismExpand