Liv E. Miller

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e17516 Background: LN metastasis profoundly affects prognosis of patients with resectable NSCLC. Variation in LN examination practice may impact staging accuracy. Evidence from other cancers suggests that patients with fewer examined LN have worse outcome. There is no established threshold number of LN to accurately determine node negativity in NSCLC. The(More)
7054 Background: Lymph node (LN) stage is the major prognostic factor in resectable lung cancer. Yet 16-18% of U.S. lung cancer resections have no examined LN (pNx). These patients are usually treated as though they were node negative, potentially misstating their true stage, prognosis, and benefit from adjuvant therapy. We compared the survival of patients(More)
7061 Background: Pathologic nodal stage predicts prognosis in patients with surgically resected lung cancer. While accurate mediastinal lymph node (LN) examination depends on surgical and pathology practices, intrapulmonary LN (N1) evaluation rests solely on pathologic inspection. A median of 5 N1 LNs were examined in the ACOSOG Z0030 trial and a median of(More)
e17513 Background: The AJCC 7 lung cancer staging system was developed from a large international dataset. Unlike AJCC 6, AJCC 7 was less insistent on surgical staging, which is more accurate than clinical staging. AJCC 7 is more elaborate, moved some patients from their previous T and M categories, and assigned some patients to new stage groups. We(More)
We report a case of a 55-year-old man with ischemic lesions of the bilateral hippocampus and bilateral basal ganglia following a myocardial infarction during an episode of multiple drug use with subsequent anoxia requiring resuscitation. He presented for a neuropsychological evaluation with an anterograde amnesia for both explicit and procedural memory.(More)
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