Liuzhong Yang

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A novel scheme for item-based recommendation is proposed in this paper. In our framework, the items are described by an undirected weighted graph Q = (V,epsiv). V is the node set which is identical to the item set, and epsiv is the edge set. Associate with each edge eij isin epsiv is a weight omegaij ges 0, which represents similarity between items i and j.(More)
UNLABELLED Understanding the excretion pathway is one of the most important prerequisites for the safe use of nanoparticles in biomedicine. However, the excretion of nanoparticles in animals remains largely unknown, except for some particles very small in size. Here we report a novel natural pathway for nanoparticle excretion, the intestinal goblet cell(More)
Viewshed analysis, often supported by geographic information systems, is widely used in the threedimensional (3D) Digital Earth system. Many of the analyzes involve the siting of features and realtimedecision-making. Viewshed analysis is usually performed at a large scale, which poses substantial computational challenges, as geographic datasets continue to(More)
Base on the development of geographic information application system (GIAS) building technology and the demand of "vertical multi-level and lateral multi-branch" organization for industry geographic information applications, in the paper, we reveals the background and necessity to establish the GIAS platform and the multilevel structure-oriented GIAS(More)
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