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OBJECTIVE MicroRNA is a type of small non-coding RNAs, which usually has a stem-loop structure. As an important stage of microRNA, the pre-microRNA is transported from nuclear to cytoplasm by exportin5 and finally cleaved into mature microRNA. Structure-sequence features and minimum of free energy of secondary structure have been used for predicting(More)
BACKGROUND The Internet has become one of the most important means to obtain health and medical information. It is often the first step in checking for basic information about a disease and its treatment. The search results are often useful to general users. Various search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Ask.com can play an important role in(More)
Affinity propagation is an impressive clustering algorithm which was published in Science, 2007. However, the original algorithm couldn't cope with part known data directly. Focusing on this issue, a semi-supervised scheme called incremental affinity propagation clustering is proposed in the paper. In the scheme, the pre-known information is represented by(More)
More and more people use internet search engines, especially Google, to learn about diseases and possible treatments. We conducted a hallway testing to evaluate the effectiveness of Google in obtaining medical information. We searched 'Breast Cancer' using Google. Six volunteers scored their experience for each of the top 500 websites. Our study shows that(More)
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