Liuliu Zhang

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This paper studies the dynamic output feedback tracking control problem for stochastic interconnected time-delay systems with the prescribed performance. The subsystems are in the form of triangular structure. First, we design a reduced-order observer independent of time delay to estimate the unmeasured state variables online instead of the traditional(More)
This paper studies the problem of distributed output tracking consensus control for a class of high-order stochastic nonlinear multiagent systems with unknown nonlinear dead-zone under a directed graph topology. The adaptive neural networks are used to approximate the unknown nonlinear functions and a new inequality is used to deal with the completely(More)
This paper studies the problem of output feedback control for a class of nonlinear time delay systems with prescribed performance. The system is in the form of triangular structure with unmodeled dynamics. First, we introduce a reduced-order observer to provide the estimate of the unmeasured states. Then, by setting a new condition with the performance(More)
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