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To reduce the effect of fuzzy vein edges and tips of the infrared finger vein recognition, this paper presents a tri-value template fuzzy matching algorithm, which segments the vein feature image into three areas: subject area, fuzzy area and background area, and computes the average distance of non-background point to non-background area as the(More)
Under real driving conditions, the fatigue monitoring system based on drivers' video is highly affected by light environment, which deteriorates the registration of facial information and thus the accuracy of surveillance. This paper, on the basis of AAM (Active Appearance Model)-based face registration method, analyzes the reasons of its failure when(More)
In order to extract interest objects in low quality image sequences from fisheries management, this paper proposes a new significant feature extraction method based on cascade framework. This algorithm involves pre-processing image sequences, clipping interesting areas, extracting SURF features, removing boundary features, and acquiring significant features(More)
Fatigue driving is a major cause for traffic accidents. One of the most effective ways to detect fatigue driving is by machine vision based on driver's eye fatigue features. However, it is highly affected by lighting conditions in real driving conditions. This paper firstly corrects the color balance of video images to extract the lighting-adaptive skin(More)
The brain visual cortical simple cells have strong response to notable edges with directivity and contrast of light and dark, as well as the non-classical receptive fields of the neurons in visual cortex that have inhibition function to small light-spot stimulation. Because of this property, human vision system contrast sensitivity tends to dynamic videos.(More)
This paper presents an infrared finger vein image fusion method based on principal component analysis(PCA) by image column blocking. The source images are captured under the multi-light-intensity condition, which have higher dynamic range than single explosure image. In the fusion process, the multi-light-intensity images are blocked by the column. The(More)
Group abnormal behaviors often occur abruptly under video surveillance, thus bringing serious consequences. How to recognize these behaviors correctly has always been the difficulty in research on intelligence video surveillance. This paper is based on the basic theory of Markov Random Fields to extract the features of those in video images, so as to(More)
As we all know, human vision is quite sensitive to abnormal behaviors, which is attributed to the discharging of the receptor cells in the brain visual cortex and the ensuing bioelectrical energy features. Inspired by this biological nature, this paper constructs a computing model to describe video dynamic energy, which can further improve the perception of(More)
Gabor function can be expressed as the alternate dual-function of the positioning of the characteristics and selectivity of the spatial frequency of the receptive field, which can effectively describe the property of the receptive field of the simple cells in human visual cortex. However, the existing literature provides no strict mathematical proof for(More)
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