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Self-Orthogonal Latin Squares (SOLS)
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Assessing the impact of Chinese FY-3/MERSI AOD data assimilation on air quality forecasts: Sand dust events in northeast China
Abstract Aerosol optical depth (AOD) is an important parameter characterizing the optical properties of atmospheric aerosols and can be used to indicate aerosol loading and evaluate air quality. InExpand
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Explosive transitions to synchronization in weighted static scale-free networks
The emergence of explosive synchronization transitions in networks of phase oscillators has become recently one of the most interesting topics. We simulate the Kuramoto model on top of a family ofExpand
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Effects of coupling-frequency correlations on synchronization of complete graphs
Abstract We introduce a model to study the effects of coupling-frequency correlations on synchronization in complete graphs. When the linear correlation is adopted, we find a symmetric network whereExpand
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Bellerophon state in the Kuramoto model with gravitation rules
Abstract We study a variant of the Kuramoto model in a two-dimensional grid, in which the coupling strength is governed by gravitation rules. Here the magnitude of gravitation is directlyExpand
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