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Internet service providers (ISP) apply traffic engineering (TE) in the underlay network to avoid congestion. On the other hand, content providers (CP) use different server selection (SS) strategies in the overlay network to reduce delay. It has been shown that a joint optimization of TE and SS is beneficial to the performance from both ISP’s and CP’s(More)
As cloud-based computation becomes increasingly important, providing a general computational interface to support datacenter-scale programming has become an imperative research agenda. Many cloud systems use existing virtual machine monitor (VMM) technologies, such as Xen, VMware, and Windows Hypervisor, to multiplex a physical host into multiple virtual(More)
There are numerous proprietary appliances in operators' networks. These appliances consume a lot of electricity and plenty of space to deploy, which lead to high operating expense (OPEX) for operators. Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) is introduced to solve this problem. NFV consolidates many network devices into network applications, which can be(More)
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