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The ability of the acetylcholinesterase reactivator obidoxime (H2L(2+)) to bind palladium(II) cations was evaluated spectrophotometrically at different reaction conditions (pH, reaction time, metal-to-ligand molar ratio). The results showed that immediately after mixing the reagents, pH 7.4, complex species of composition [PdHL](3+) existed predominantly(More)
BACKGROUND The title compound belongs to the class of bis-azomethine pigments. On the basis of comparative studies on similar structures, insight into the complex excited state dynamics of such compounds has been gained. It has been shown, for example, that only compounds that possess hydroxyl groups are fluorescent, and that the possibility for cis-trans(More)
Prototropic tautomerism, defined by one of its early investigators as ''the addition of a proton at one molecular site and its removal from another'' [1], and hence clearly distinguished from ionization, is one of the most important phenomena in organic chemistry despite the relatively small proportion of molecules in which it can occur. There are several(More)
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