Liudmil Antonov

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The ability of the acetylcholinesterase reactivator obidoxime (H2L(2+)) to bind palladium(II) cations was evaluated spectrophotometrically at different reaction conditions (pH, reaction time, metal-to-ligand molar ratio). The results showed that immediately after mixing the reagents, pH 7.4, complex species of composition [PdHL](3+) existed predominantly(More)
Yariv phenylglycosides [1,3,5-tri(p-glycosyloxyphenylazo)-2,4,6-trihydroxybenzene] are a group of chemical compounds that selectively bind to arabinogalactan proteins (AGPs), a type of plant proteoglycan. Yariv phenylglycosides are widely used as cytochemical reagents to perturb the molecular functions of AGPs as well as for the detection, quantification,(More)
The tautomerism of curcumin has been investigated in ethanol/water binary mixtures by using UV-Vis spectroscopy and advanced quantum-chemical calculations. The spectral changes were processed by using advanced chemometric procedure, based on resolution of overlapping bands technique. As a result, molar fractions of the tautomers and their individual spectra(More)
The monomer-dimer equilibrium in several ionic dyes (Methylene Blue, Acridine Orange, Nile Blue A, Neutral Red, Rhodamine 6G and Safranine O) has been investigated by means of UV-Vis spectroscopy. The data have been processed by a recently developed method for quantitative analysis of undefined mixtures, based on simultaneous resolution of the overlapping(More)
An investigation of 2-aminobenzimidazole was carried out by calculations at HF, MP2, and DFT levels of theory and also by UV and IR spectroscopy. The quantum chemical calculations predict a full shift of the equilibrium towards the amino form, but the absorption spectra in different solvents distinctly show a two-component equilibrium system. Examination of(More)
Phenyl-substituted 1-arylazo-2-naphthols (AAN) display ...HN-N=C-C=O... <==>...N=N-C=C-OH... ketohydrazone-azoenol tautomerism and can form intramolecular resonance-assisted H-bonds from pure N-H...O to pure N...H-O through tautomeric and dynamically disordered N-H...O <==>N...H-O bonds according to the electronic properties of their substituents. Three(More)
Prototropic tautomerism, defined by one of its early investigators as ‘‘the addition of a proton at one molecular site and its removal from another’’ [1], and hence clearly distinguished from ionization, is one of the most important phenomena in organic chemistry despite the relatively small proportion of molecules in which it can occur. There are several(More)
An approach for quantitative analysis of mixtures with unknown individual responses of the components is discussed. Although it is based on a resolution of overlapping bands technique, the main emphasis is not given to the computational facets of curve fitting. A logical procedure is described, allowing estimation of the unknown concentrations in the(More)