Liudas Gargasas

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The basic idea of this work was to develop user-friendly mobile wireless ECG and motion activity recording device, software for real time signal analysis and warning system based on ordinary or pocket PC and designed for home care patients with cardiac risk. The mobile patient device includes 3 channel ECG front-end recorder, 3-axis accelerometer and(More)
Developed prototype of network based clinical decision support system consists of database of clinical data and web-based applications for signal and image analysis methods and algorithms. The methods for eye fundus image analysis and ECG P-wave morphology evaluation are the first methods covering two clinical specialties - cardiology and ophthalmology in(More)
A computerized approach of nonlinear dynamics analysis of electrocardiogram (ECG) signals was applied for the detection of coronary artery disease (CAD). The proposed nonlinear dynamics descriptors were derived from 12-lead rest ECG data, and evaluated by originally developed computer software. Fluctuations of potentials of ECG leads that occur during the(More)
If we want correctly specify human physiological state, it is very important to evaluate the changes of main systems participating in different functions. In this work we are analyzing parameters that characterize these systems, their functional relations, counting information dimension and searching for differences in various investigated groups of persons(More)
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