Liubov Volkova

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The aboveground carbon (AGC) storage of open Eucalyptus forests is unknown yet they are estimated to account for almost 25% of all Australian forests and about 60% of forests in Victoria. In this study we provide the best possible estimates of total AGC including tree biomass derived from destructive biomass sampling across 23 study plots established in(More)
Declines in the global extent and condition of tropical forests have reduced carbon storage potential and caused biodiversity loss. However, the magnitude of these problems within individual countries may depend on the extent of the reserved forest estate, and the particular rules put in place to manage resource use in these areas. To test this hypothesis,(More)
A new technique has been proposed for color-pulse campimetry and quantum-wave correction of vision on an ACO-05 spectral ophthalmological apparatus in central chorioretinal dystrophy. A correlation of scotomas in the central field of vision with visual acuity and retinal optical coherent tomographic findings was studied. After a 7-day course of(More)
  • L P Volkova
  • 2008
It is established that cyclicity of excitation and inhibition processes in healthy persons is symmetric, 11.9+0.2 cycles in 1 minute, and reflects structural (retina nerve fibers layer thickness) and functional (visual acuity) symmetry of pair eyes, autonomous regulatory system dynamic balance as the etalon of health. Myopia is accompanied by autonomous(More)
Before and after alternative eye photostimulation (AEPS), the pattern of visually evoked potentials (VEP) was studied in children with amblyopia. It can be said that there is a persistent abnormality in the binocular visual system as asymmetry of the latency and amplitude of peak P100 of VEP to the 7'-sized structured pattern. Pathogenetically oriented AEPS(More)
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