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Inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) imaging of the fast-moving target is a very important task for many military and civilian applications such as satellite. This correspondence investigates the ISAR echo signal model of fast-moving target and analyzes its impacts on ISAR images firstly. The results show that the echo signal of each scatterer point of(More)
A common objective in simulation is enhanced understanding of a system; an opened model which can be storage, retrieval, sharing, and invocation in a distributed environment and among Web-based component applications is essential for this objective. As the development of Internet and WWW, the actions in the WWW are not only the human-machine interaction,(More)
In various applications of wireless sensor network, sensor nodes must know their location information to fulfill further assignments such as target real-time monitoring and target tracking. In this paper, a new node self-localization algorithm based on the received signal strength indicator (RSSI) is proposed. The new algorithm takes both triangle centroid(More)
The processing of XML documents has been regarded as the performance bottleneck in most systems and applications. A number of techniques have been developed to improve the performance of XML processing, ranging from the schema-specific model to the streaming-based model to the hardware acceleration. These methods only address parsing and scheduling the XML(More)
  • Liu Zhong
  • 2010
Natural language ontology is divided into meaning-ontology and semantic-ontology, meaning-ontology including the concepts of the subject, object and SPR (semanteme pointing to the relation) and the semantic relation of related, anti-related, share, and anti-sharing, and then generate 24 meaning meta-attributes, semantic-ontology including the concepts of(More)
This paper introduces the continuous chaotic frequency modulation signals (CCFMS), which have good autocorrelations and flat frequency spectra. We show that the CCFMS have excellent delay and velocity detection performance. Moreover, the CCFMS require far lower realization costs and can provide flexible parameters adjustment. Simulation results show that(More)
In this article, fractal dimensions about volume of enterprise business are calculated with the box dimensions method. And separately, the relationship between those fractal dimensions and fractal characteristic of Enterprise business is discussed. The result shows that fractal dimensions can be represent the production characteristics. some scholar would(More)
The stochastic duel theory comes from applying stochastic process to Lanchester equation. The stochastic duel with searching is a kind of duel, not less than one of whose two contestants are stealthily. When on the assumption that the time intervals of two contestants is the same negative exponential distribution(NED), the stochastic duel is a Markov(More)
Through the analysis of working principle of hydraulic rock drill, the calculation formula of optimal axial thrust for the propulsion system of hydraulic rock drill was obtained. At the same time, on the basis of the existing electro-hydraulic control of hydraulic rock drill, the paper constructed valve-controlled-cylinder system of compound control based(More)