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This paper expounds the industrial wireless network based on WIA-FA and the topology of the hybrid network with PROFIBUS-DP network, and the architecture of the interconnection gateway are given. The mechanism of running is analyzed and the modules are designed in the interconnection gateway, and the minimum and maximum response time of field device is(More)
A metadata management method based on directory path. Abstract: A metadata management method dividing directory path attribute from directory object is proposed, which extends the present object storage architecture. This method avoids efficiently the large-scale metadata migration according to the updating directory attributes, improves the cache(More)
The relative merits of ALOHA and the multiple access with collision avoidance (MACA) for the underwater acoustic Ad hoc networks were analyzed. After that, a new media access control (MAC) protocol was proposed which had the advantages of the above two MAC protocols. When the networks load is not heavy, the new protocol uses the channel access method in(More)
Adaptive grid interacting multiple model (AGIMM) algorithm is combined with joint probabilistic data association (JPDA), distributed adaptive grid interacting multiple model joint probabilistic data association (DAGIMM- MSJPDA) algorithm is proposed using for multisensor multitarget tracking. In the algorithm, the model probabilities, model-conditioned(More)
This paper mainly introduces a path planning algorithm for the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to avoid radar network. The radar network contains several radars which have different detection ranges. In this algorithm, firstly, according to the theory of the Delaunay triangulations, a directed graph is constructed based on the locations and the detection(More)
As for actual operation requirement and characteristics of ups and downs movement of underwater submersible vehicle, an independent ups and downs control method based on adaptive fuzzy control was advanced. In this method, on optimization of membership function, EBP algorithm of multiple layers forward neural network was used to correct parameters of(More)
  • Liu Zhong
  • 2008
The model of trusted Meta data and its trusted degree should be studied. So at first it is to analyzed for the character of trusted network resources in the Internet, and then the equity of relation of trusted Meta data and BSCM should be setup. In order to do these, the related concepts of trusted Meta data and the trusted degree should be defined. And(More)
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