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Comprehensive evaluation of water resources carrying capacity in Ebinur Lake Basin.
This paper has offered certain reference and suggestion for the sustainable utilization research of regional water resources and sustainable development of society.It is a tentative creation and exploration in water resources carrying capacity's analytical approaches,appraising indexes,forecast method,regulating countermeasures and so on. Expand
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Remote sensing-based monitoring of coverage and depth of snow in northern Xinjiang
The snow disaster often takes place in the north of Xinjiang.So it is of great significance to exactly monitor the snow distribution and snow depth in the northern Xinjiang,which can provideExpand
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General Assessment on the Ecological Environmental Quality of Mineral-Rich Cities
Based on urban ecological principle and research method, aimed at the eco-environment peculiarity of mineral-rich cities, index system of Fushun ecological environmental quality assessment was builtExpand
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Assessment of spatio-temporal variations in vegetation cover in Xinjiang from 1982 to 2013 based on GIMMS-NDVI
The aim of this study was to adopt the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) data provided by the Global Inventor Modeling and Mapping Studies (GIMMS) of NASA and combine them with the globalExpand
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The Recent 338-yearPrecipitation Series Reconstructed from Tree-ring in Northern Slope of Tianshan Mountains
Analysis on correlation between the precipitation data of 9 weather stations and the 21 tree-ring standardization chronologies in northern slope of Tianshan Mountains showed that the correlation wasExpand
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The trace element change in the carbon anode block production process
The production process of aluminum anode blocks is studied.The paper reviewe the trace element change of raw materials in the anode block production.
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Establishment and validation of early-warning model for snowmelt flood in North Xinjiang.
There is a long time for snowing in the north part of Xinjiang in winter.And the more abundant snow makes snowmelt floods pros and cons of both,which can threat the national economy and people'sExpand
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Study on Comprehensive Evaluation of Water Resources Carrying Capacity Based on FAHP Principle——A Case Study of Bortala River Basin and Jing-River Basin in Xinjiang
This study used FAHP to study the regional water resources carrying capacity.On the basis of analyzing the function mechanism among sub-systems,the target variables,decision-making variables andExpand
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