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Military unmanned ground vehicles will become the main weapon of the Army in 21st century. This paper reviews the history of military unmanned ground vehicles at first, and then introduces some latest unmanned ground vehicles, the key technologies need to be focused on and the application trends of military unmanned ground vehicles in the future.
As the tendency of diversified and personalized consumer demand become more and more obvious, and the operation uncertainty gradually increasing, production mode in some countries changed from predicted production mode to the mode of corresponding to actual needs since the 1980s, this caused the combining ways of supply and demand producing great changes.(More)
Japan originally belong to the state that the agricultural products lacking the competitiveness. On one hand, Japan rely on the barriers of trade limiting foreign agricultural imports, on the other hand, Japan rely on the support of policy and the improved quality of product to expand the domestic market. This paper from trying to analyze the marketing(More)
With the lower profit of construction enterprises these years, that low bid and high claim has been an important means for the construction enterprises to exist and develop, which is an effect approach to make profit maximization. In this paper, the cause, the responsibility and the evidence of the claim events were classified, wit Visual Basic 6.0,PHP and(More)
A new model is presented to reveal investor heterogeneous beliefs impact on corporate financial decision, using marginal analysis method in the framework of the sequence of events. Our model theoretically interprets the phenomenon that firms issue equity in high stock price. This paper also tests theoretical predictions sampling China A-shares listed firms.(More)
The application of classroom discourse analysis of foreign language teaching and learning can reveal much about how teachers perform in their teaching practice and how to make improvement. In this paper, the author tries to reveal the present state of EFL (English as a foreign language) classrooms in a vocational college from the angle of classroom(More)
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