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Analysis of Corresponding Structure of Differential Branch of MDS Matrixes on Finite Field
Maximum distance separable matrixes (MDS) are widely used in design of block ciphers and hash functions etc. Investigating characters of differential branch of MDS matrixes redound to analyze the
Magnetic circuit design and optimisation of magnetorheological mount with tapered channel under the flow mode
In order to relieve saturation of magnetic flux density in magnetic circuit, the flow mode magnetorheological mount with tapered channel is designed. The influence of geometrical parameters of the
Expression and Structure Analysis of a Novel Mouse Gene Tcp11l1
As Tcp11 gene was only expressed in elongating spermatid, TCP11l1 was expressed in variant tissues, indicating that besides in testis, Tcp 11l1 played an important role in other tissues.
Expression of piwil1 Gene in Macaca mulatta
The results suggested that piwil1 gene probably had a similar function in rhesus monkey and human, but had different functions at different developmental stages.
Electronic Control System of Pre-Mixed Methanol through Intake Manifold on a Diesel Engine
An electronic control system was developed to control the injecting quantity of pre-mixed methanol through intake manifold on a diesel engine. The experimental results show that the system can
Network Backup Resource Assignment Based on Genetic Algorithm
This paper proposes a new method for network backup resource assignment based on genetic algorithm that has simple operation and fast convergence and can meet different sizes and dynamic state network Backup resource assignment.
The climatic factor analysis of sand dust weathers in Chengde area
Based on meteorological data from 9 meteorological stations in Chengde from 1991 to 2010,we made the detailed annual and seasonal characteristic correlation analysis between the sand dust
The anatomical study on the rooting of the green shoot cutting propagation of two kinds of Tilia
It is significantly clear that incubate root primordiums have not been found in cuttings and Adventitious roots initialed from callus were the main type.
Best Linear Approximations of DES Based on Simulate Annealing Algorithms
Using the advantage of simulate annealing algorithms,this paper presents an evolutionary searching algorithm to search the best linear approximation of DES,analyzes its properties and gives the