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Analysis on Influenza Surveillance in Tai'an City in 2009
[Objective]To analyze the epidemiological and pathogenic characteristics of influenza in Tai'an city in 2009.[Methods]Analysis was made on surveillance data of the National Influenza SentinelExpand
Expression and Structure Analysis of a Novel Mouse Gene Tcp11l1
To investigate the structure and expression pattern of mouse Tcp11l1 (mTcp11l1) gene, the pEGFP-mTcp11l1 plasmid encoding pEGFP-mTcp11l1 fusion protein was constructed by placing the mTcp11l1 codingExpand
Identification and expression analysis of Macaca mulatta piwil 4 gene
恒河猴 piwil4 基因的鉴定与表达分析 赵少志,李玥,江雪,卢亦路,陶大昌,刘运强,马用信 四川大学华西医院医学遗传研究室暨生物治疗国家重点实验室疾病基因组学研究室,成都 610041 摘要:为了研究人类近亲恒河猴中 PIWI 家族蛋白 PIWIL4 的结构和表达情况,文章首次利用同源比对和 RT-PCR 方法克隆了恒河猴 piwil4 基因,检测了其 mRNAExpand
Analysis of results of influenza virus surveillance during 2006~2007 in Taian City
Objective: To analyze the data of influenza surveillance from Taian City during 2006-22007,and understand the influenza epidemic in Taian,so a scientific basis can be provided for the prevention andExpand
Analysis of the gene sequence of the HA1 region of influenza B viruses isolated in Taian from 2006 to 2008.
Objective To supply technical support in countering the flu,this paper analyzed the DNA sequences of influenza B virus isolated in Taian from 2006 to 2008 to study the characteristics of geneticExpand