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A statistical method based on remote sensing for the estimation of air temperature in China
Environmental applications require accurate air temperature (T-air) datasets with different temporal and spatial resolutions. Existing methods generally improve the estimation accuracy of T-air usingExpand
Geological characters of Baogutu porphyry copper deposit in Xinjiang,NW China.
The newly found Baogutu porphyry copper deposit is located at the west margin of Junggar basin and to the south of Dalabute fault,Our study object is the V intrusion,which is the main ore containingExpand
Constraints to the mineralization age of the Yulong porphyry copper deposit from SHRIMP U-Pb zircon data in Tibet.
The SHRIMP U-Pb data has shown that the intruding process of the Yulong pluton was lasted at least 2.6Ma.There were two large intruding episodes,the age of 43.6±0.8Ma for the pre-fmineralisationExpand
One Question of the Oceanic Thermohaline Circulation:Whether Deepwater Formation in the North Pacific
One of the characteristics of modern thermohaline circulation is that deepwater produced in the North Atlantic but not in the North Pacific,and this asymmetry has a deep impact on theExpand
Monsoonal precipitation variation in the East Asia since A.D. 1840 ——Tree-ring evidences from China and Korea
Three tree-ring rainfall reconstructions from China and Korea are used in this paper to investigate the East Asian summer monsoon-related precipitation variation over the past 160 years.Expand
Zircon U-Pb age Lu-Hf isotopes and petrogeochemistry of the monzogranites from Xincheng gold deposit northwestern Jiaodong Peninsula China
The Jiaodong Peninsula,the most important gold province in China,is an important part of the Pafic Rim MesozoicCenozoic gold mineralization area,where the Mesozoic granitoids are widespread. TheExpand
Exploratory Temperature and Precipitation Reconstructions from the Qinling Mountains, North-Central China
February–April (FMA) temperature at Foping (1879–1989) and July–August (JA) precipitation at Xian (1895–1988) have been reconstructed using total ring width (TRW) and maximum latewood density (MXD)Expand
The possible influences of the increasing anthropogenic emissions in India on tropospheric ozone and OH
A 3-D chemical transport model (OSLO CTM2) is used to investigate the influences of the increasing anthropogenic emission in India. The model is capable of reproducing the observational results ofExpand
January to August temperature variability since 1776 inferred from tree-ring width of Pinus tabulaeformis in Helan Mountain
Tree-ring standardized chronologies are developed by 78 cores collected from the eastern and western Helan Mountain. Statistical analysis shows that both the STD and RES chronologies correlateExpand